Bitcoin looks like it's ready for a bull run, despite the fact that the number of newly mined BTC coins is rapidly decreasing

The increase in mining difficulty seems to be a cause for concern among investors.Miners have increased the number of BTC coins mined in recent weeks.The recent increase in mining difficulty seems to be a cause for concern among investors.Miners are one of the tools that can increase the value of bitcoin. They are quick to point out that the increased demand for mining equipment and increased mining difficulty could be a sign of a bull market. On September 19, Willy Woo, co-founder of the Decentrader investment Fund, said:"When the volume of purchases of bitcoin miners increases, this is a bullish signal."Initially, the idea that miners are increasing their holdings was just one of many ideas that came to mind. But cointelegraph, according to analysts at JPMorgan Chase & Co, suggests that the change in the trend may be due to the fact that some popular altcoins have risen sharply in recent days.Since miners often change their behavior at the drop phase, the change in the trend may be due to broader factors. The analysis suggests that bitcoin's momentum may continue to the fall, as miners are looking to increase their investments in equipment and services. acquisitions.JPMorgan Chase & Co said that bitcoin has risen sharply over the past few days as the price has surged to new all-time highs every time the indicator rose. Previously, miners would sell BTC at the peak of the cycle to cover their investment costs.Now they do it again After adjusting their spending according to changes in the Ticker, JPMorgan strategists said that bitcoin may continue to decline in the long run. They wrote:"Since adjusting their spending according to the Ticker, BTC has declined by about 3.4%. Previously, this decline would be expected, but not quite so dramatic."The strategists suggested that a break below $ 11,000 would be "in the realm of possibilities". They added that they expect BTC to return to the $ 12,000 level. attention is focused on the $ 125 million BTC futures contract on the CME, which currently stands at $ 11,601. dollars.You may be looking for: The most promising ones cryptocurrencies in 2021This CME break will be the last before the end of the year. Be prepared.